Outlaw Morgan
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Got this 4.25 pound Tomahawk Steak decided to try something different from just grilling it.

So, I elected to smoke this huge beefy slab to 125 degrees and then move it from the smoker to the grill to finish it off with a high heat open flame. This will bark the outside and trap in the juices on the inside.

I used some kosher salt, Tritails Mesquite Expresso Rub, Garlic Salt and some Dale's Seasoning to make it explode with flavor.

Also whipped up a basting sauce of melted butter with some of the ingredients mentioned above.

The end result was awesome and the steak came out perfectly tender.

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Outlaw Morgan
2 Views · 6 months ago

I have never had one before and this cut of Ribeye was 3 pounds of what appeared to be some awesome meat.

So, I fired up the grill, prepped the steak and knocked down some beers.

I am no expert but you can see how I prepped and grilled the cut. The main thing is to sear both sides for 5 minutes then let slow cook to medium rare. I was around 127 to 130 degrees when I took it off the grill.

It was SO GOOD!